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The Curse of the Mekori

Some secrets should stay buried...
Ready for a new favorite witchy academia fantasy book? I've got you! Join me and get my latest ebook for FREE ($9.99 value), as well as exclusive content you won't get anywhere else!

Irresistible. Brooke Clonts’ latest fantasy will keep you spellbound to the surprising end.

—Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times bestselling author

My Story

Brooke Clonts has a degree in exercise science she's never used, is a self-taught software engineer, left her job as an engineering manager for Adobe to run her own business, and is a wife and mom. She writes sweet fantasy with relatable characters and loves to throw in neurodiversity where she can. 


You'll find Brooke terrifying her husband at the edge of cliffs, jumping on trampolines, wake surfing, collecting ridiculous amounts of Halloween decor, pretending to be a good dancer, and just being awkward and nerdy in all the best ways.

Her books are inspired by places she's lived or trips she's been on. From Peru to Safford, Arizona! And by her own life experiences. Her goal is to help teens who worry they're not good enough realize their potential.

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The Curse Of The Mekori

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book Reviews

My favorite part was when she learns she could have supported other women in their journey. This so much relates to women and competition today. We can support each other and not tear each other down.

I hope to see where her journey takes her in another book.


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Motivational Speaker: Helping Teens Unlock Their Creative Potential 


Topics: Neurodiversity, professional development, software engineering, girl empowerment

Fee: Sponsored Presentations (Free to the school)

Audiences: Middle & High School, College & University

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