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Empire of Glass and Stone

Would you choose a throne over love?

Eighteen-year-old Yakua Roca worries more about her family's meager finances than the emperor who flattens kingdoms on his march toward the border. But when stone giants attack her village, Yakua's ambitious plan to marry a priest turns against her and she finds herself a peace offering to a man with a reputation for cruelty.

Yakua must navigate a dangerous betrothal, accept her shameful past, and stave off the burn of forbidden desire.

Or leave everyone she loves in the careless hands of the monster she has to marry.

Don't miss out!


For fans of epic fantasies and books like "The Red Queen" and "Hunger Games,” this tale will immerse you in a gorgeous and unique world with steep mountain peaks, forbidden romance, mysterious magic, and unforgettable characters.


Contains themes of discovering self-worth and supporting others.

Please note: This story contains graphic violence, including human sacrifice. Please only read if you are safe to do so.

Clean but passionate romance.


"Rich world building, mysticism, complex family histories, chemistry–EMPIRE OF GLASS AND STONE has it all. You'll love Yakua's intensity and her fierce transformation." —Jenna Evans Welch, New York Times bestselling author of Love & Gelato

"Set in a world the gods long-ago abandoned, EMPIRE OF GLASS AND STONE crosses the razor edge of hidden magic, political intrigue, terrifying customs, and a single chance to make things right. Yakua Roca, the unstoppable female lead, learns what one will do for power, and another for love. A triumphant debut YA Fantasy novel!" —A.K. Wilder, bestselling author of Crown of Bones

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